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I have this record :

-record(person, {id, firstname, lastname}).

and this table contains this kind of values :

1  anis    hila
2  samir   alagi
3  marwen  fares
4  sana    gabsi
5  safa    sassi

I want to develop a function which return the last two record of the table person

meaning return just :

4  sana    gabsi
5  safa    sassi

I have a code which return the last id


can someone help me to resolve this problem

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How about this:

LastKey = mnesia:last(person)
SecondLastKey = mnesia:prev(person, LastKey)
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thank you for your response, but we should add the transaction in the code because the function is expected to be called in a transaction context – samir alagi Mar 21 '13 at 11:20
So, did you look at mnesia:transaction? – bereal Mar 21 '13 at 11:42

To execute something in a transaction, you only have to define a function that does what you want and pass this function as argument of a mnesia transaction.

the function to get the last N person:

getlast(N) ->
    % get list of the last N Keys in reverse order
    Keys = lists:foldl(fun(_Num,Acc) -> [mnesia:prev(person,hd(Acc))|Acc] end, [mnesia:last(person)],lists:seq(2,N)),
    % get the list of the last N records in correct order and return
    lists:foldl(fun(Key,Acc) -> [mnesia:read(person,Key)|Acc] end, [],Keys).

the transaction to get the last 2 elements

Trans = fun() -> ?MODULE:getlast(2),
Result = mnesia:transaction(Trans).

Note: I didn't test this code so it may content some errors. I'll check it tonight.

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