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I have a problem with fixed header and footer implementation.

In this example, when I set a background color for the fixed header and footer, everything works fine.

See here http://tinyurl.com/brwoeqy

But when there is no background color is set (the background color of the header and footer is the same as the background color of the main body), which is what the client wants, the content area overlaps with the header and the footer.

See here http://tinyurl.com/cfecdx5

Any solution please?? Thanks

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It is working, you just need to set your bg color to #0BB69C on #header_container

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+1 The default background-color is "transparent" so without a background color set, whatever is behind will show through. just set the footer and header to the color you want. –  xec Mar 21 '13 at 9:39

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