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I am using Code Igniters HMVC implementation by wiredesignz.

We have two modules, one for managing the actualy products/categories etc for a shopping cart, the other for managing the orders containing products etc.

This is all working fine, but we are trying to implement a shared shipping driver.

The shipping driver sits in it's own module so modules/shipping/libraries/Shipping/Shipping.php

So, I could load a library from that same folder called "Test.php" with


But trying to load a driver


results in

Unable to load the requested class: shipping

Looking through the HMVC components it appears to have a override for loading the libraries, but not the drivers, how can I get this to work?

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myabe the problem is in case-sensitive folder & file names.

Change to


and try loading your library.


Note : Your class name must be Shipping inside shipping.php

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