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I am able to add label to circlemarker like this

L.circleMarker(points[i],{title: 'unselected'}).bindLabel('Destination').addTo(map);

This adds label which appears on mouse hover on circle marker.

But I want to add static label which will appear regardless of mouse is on that circle marker or not.

I am referring this demo for adding static label to circle marker but some how I am not able to do it. It is working fine with markers but with circle Markers static label is not working.

Also is there any other method to add label on circle marker ?

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L.CircleMarker extended from L.Path not L.Marker, so if you compare and you can find that Path doesn't have any options and this logic you must implement yourself. For example:

    bindLabel: function (content, options) {
        if (!this._label || this._label.options !== options) {
            this._label = new L.Label(options, this);

        this._labelNoHide = options && options.noHide;

        if (!this._showLabelAdded) {
            if (this._labelNoHide) {
                    .on('remove', this.hideLabel, this)
                    .on('move', this._moveLabel, this);
                this._showLabel({latlng: this.getLatLng()});
            } else {
                    .on('mouseover', this._showLabel, this)
                    .on('mousemove', this._moveLabel, this)
                    .on('mouseout remove', this._hideLabel, this);
                if (L.Browser.touch) {
                    this.on('click', this._showLabel, this);
            this._showLabelAdded = true;

        return this;

    unbindLabel: function () {
        if (this._label) {
            this._label = null;
            this._showLabelAdded = false;
            if (this._labelNoHide) {
                    .off('remove', this._hideLabel, this)
                    .off('move', this._moveLabel, this);
            } else {
                    .off('mouseover', this._showLabel, this)
                    .off('mousemove', this._moveLabel, this)
                    .off('mouseout remove', this._hideLabel, this);
        return this;

L.circleMarker([53.902257, 27.541640] ,{title: 'unselected'}).addTo(map).bindLabel('Destination', { noHide: true });
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I moved the line this._showLabel({latlng: this.getLatLng()}); out of the noHide conditional an into another included method: showLabel: function () {...}. This allows me to create the circle, add it to the map, and then call circle.showLabel(). – jakeorr May 30 '14 at 18:29
great! Although it does not dissapear when a popup is shown above the labels... – Egidi Feb 9 '15 at 9:10

Just wanted to add an update or correction to tbicr's great response (not sure if the API updated after his response).

You can do this like so:

 // First add your GeoJSON layer
 geojson = L.geoJson(myGeoJson,{
        onEachFeature: onEachFeature

 // onEachFeature is called every time a polygon is added
 var polys = [];
 function onEachFeature(layer){
     polys.push(layer); // Push the polygons into an array you can call later

 // Now trigger them after they've been added
      polys[0].fire('click') // clicks on the first polygon
      polys[1].fire('click') // clicks on the second polygon
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