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I'm starting to use Stackoverflow MiniProfiler on my ASP MVC 4 web application. I've put only the Start and Stop calls in BeginRequest and EndRequest respectively. I've add to one action some steps like so:

private ActionResult MyAction(string id)
  using (MiniProfiler.Current.Step("GatherReportItems")) {

  using (MiniProfiler.Current.Step("BuildReportViewModel")) {

  using (MiniProfiler.Current.Step("AddingExtraInfo")) {

The problem is that on the first request to that action I can see all 3 steps, on any further request I see only the first step and not any of the others.

When I debug my application I can see inside MiniProfiler.Current -> Head -> Children that all the 3 steps are there. It is in the client display (after clicking on the timing box) that I can see only part of the steps.

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Is it possible that the client side does not display those steps because they are very very short, 2 and 3 ms ? –  Ido Ran Mar 21 '13 at 9:22

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I've now notice that there is a small link name show trivial at the bottom of the profiling details popup which add the very short timings

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