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I have two oracle queries

1) created_dt between sysdate+7 and sysdate

2) created_dt between sysdate and sysdate+7

Is this two query will give same result??

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'between oldest date and newest date' is the correct format. So: No they are not the same. –  jim mcnamara Mar 21 '13 at 9:46

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the first will never return any rows.

you can consider a between

where col between A and B

to be the same as

where col >= A and col <= B

so your first one is illogical as its

created_dt >= sysdate+7 and created_dt <= sysdate

both conditions can never be true.

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In SQL, construct x BETWEEN a AND b is equivalent to a <= x AND x <= b.

Obviously, if a > b, this constraint is going to yield empty result.

In other words, swapping interval ends does matter: first must be less or equal than second.

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