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We are creating a chat application using XMPP and Openfire. We have to create a new social community which allows users to chat. We have established the connection using XMPP with Openfire. We are also able to get the chats and online presence of users.

My question is, can we add friends using XMPP?

I searched and found out about the XMPPRoster (section 8.2 in XMPP RFC). However, I didn't get a clear understanding how I could add friends from the database list using XMPP.

I've installed the 'subscription' plug in and customized it, but the following delegate method is not getting called:

- (void)xmppRoster:(XMPPRoster *)sender didReceiveBuddyRequest:(XMPPPresence *)presence

If anyone has an idea, please do help me out. Thanks in advance.

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please check this link.Hope it will helps you

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Thanks for the link.Let me check – ani Mar 22 '13 at 6:49
I thinks this will solve my issue.Thanks a lot:) – ani Mar 22 '13 at 6:54

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