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My Sinatra web site uses an admittedly ghetto way of switching between two languages, which works perfectly on my local machine, but not on Heroku.

My app.rb is as follows:

require 'sinatra'

get '/'  do
  set :erb, :views => settings.views + "/en"
  erb :index, :layout => false, :views => settings.views

get '/tr'  do
  set :erb, :views => settings.views + "/tr"
  redirect to('/home')
get '/en'  do
  set :erb, :views => settings.views + "/en"
  redirect to('/home')

get '/home'  do
  erb :home
get '/products' do
  erb :products

When I click on the links that go to the /en and /tr urls, I am correctly redirected to the /home link, but the views folder does not change.

My gems are the same versions in both environments:

rack (1.4.1)
rack-protection (1.2.0)
tilt (1.3.3)
sinatra (1.3.3)
bundler (1.3.2)

Link to the site

Help, please.

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I suggest replacing your admittedly ghetto way with something more robust like the i18n gem

here is a tutorial

And instead of using the browser's language (in example) you could do something like this in a before filter

before do
  case request.path_info
    when /^\/tr/ then set :locale, "tr"
    else set :locale, "en"

and in helpers

helpers do
  def get_locale
  # other helpers from example

That way you only need one copy of your view templates, reducing the complication of changing all views when you only need to change one element (for example)

If you want to test your sinatra app like it will act on heroku you can throw on a RACK_ENV=production before starting your server. Ex. RACK_ENV=production ruby my_app.rb

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