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I've been trying to get the Hardware GUID, and I found this function posted on the web.

#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0400

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <tchar.h>

int main()
    HW_PROFILE_INFO hwProfileInfo;

    if(GetCurrentHwProfile(&hwProfileInfo) != NULL){
            printf("Hardware GUID: %s\n",    hwProfileInfo.szHwProfileGuid);
            printf("Hardware Profile: %s\n", hwProfileInfo.szHwProfileName);
            return 0;


The problem is, whenever I try to compile it, I get "error: 'GetCurrentHwProfile' was not declared in this scope". I'm using MinGW's G++. Maybe that's the problem?

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Nice catch! (if you could call it that)

The problem is that normally GetCurrentHwProfile would be a short-cut, if you like. When compiling with UNICODE support it gets changed into GetCurrentHwProfileW. Otherwise, it gets changed to GetCurrentHwProfileA.

The solution? Simply add an A on the end. I.e GetCurrentHwProfileA :)

BB.b.b.ut - remember you have to change it explictly if you decide to use unicode after-all. A much cleaner solution would be to make GetCurrentHwProfile refer to the correct one as needed. I guess it's likely done with something like: (too lazy to look right now. All the windows functions use this trick, guess the minGW crowd missed this little gem that is GetCurrentHwProfile)

#ifdef UNICODE
 #define GetCurrentHwProfile GetCurrentHwProfileW
 #define GetCurrentHwProfile GetCurrentHwProfileA
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The function GetCurrentHwProfile() is declared in the winbase.h header:


Note that it is either GetCurrentHwProfileA (for Ansi) or GetCurrentHwProfileW (for Unicode / wide characters). I can find no sign of a macro which aliases GetCurrentHwProfile to either of the two functions, depending on a defined UNICODE.

So, the current solution seems to use either GetCurrentHwProfileA or GetCurrentHwProfileW or do something like

#ifdef UNICODE
#define GetCurrentHwProfile GetCurrentHwProfileW
#define GetCurrentHwProfile GetCurrentHwProfileA
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