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I have model with relation:

      .HasMany(p => p.Properties)

For examle, Product1 have 3 Property, and when I remove one property from product (not from db) I want to delete it in db, because it does not used anywhere anymore. Can I do this by using EF?

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If your navigational properties are not virtual:

using(var db = new YourDbContext()
var product = db.Products.FirstOrDefault(x => ...);
product.Properties.RemoveAll(x => ...);


using(var db = new YourDbContext()
var product = db.Products.Include("Properties").FirstOrDefault(x => ...);
product.Properties.RemoveAll(x => ...);
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Can EF do this automatically? – Roman Bats Mar 21 '13 at 10:24
When you load something from the database, EF uses in memory cache where it retains all the relationships - it's called object tracking. It is turned on by the default. If you remove some entity from collection that is defined in another entity, EF will notice that. Once you do a call to SaveChanges(), all changes in object tracking will be persisted in the database. – Admir Tuzović Mar 21 '13 at 10:26

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