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I am trying to display a toastr message (info,error etc) after submitting a form using a button and update a gridview control (which is in a update panel" in webform. Thanks

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Just got it; ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), ",toastr", "'Customer Added','Message')", true); – dblay Mar 21 '13 at 10:39
Interesting approach using ScriptManager ... neat! – John Papa Mar 21 '13 at 12:33

You can do it using Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript method. Example:

    "toastr_message", "toastr.error('There was an error', 'Error')", true);

But I would probably create a method or extension method to handle that for me:

public static void ShowToastr(this Page page, string message, string title, string type = "info")
    page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(page.GetType(), "toastr_message",
          String.Format("toastr.{0}('{1}', '{2}');", type.ToLower(), message, title), addScriptTags: true);


ShowToastr(this.Page, "Hello world!", "Hello");

If you want something a little more robust, you could make the type parameter an enum.

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I think that is neat and really robust...Thanks – dblay Mar 24 '13 at 19:35

Calling from web form, (note this is a MasterDetail form so has a MasterPage.

MasterPage.ShowToastr(Page, "Message Here", "Title Here", "Info", False, "toast-bottom-full-width", False)

The VB.NET ShowToastr implementation in the Master Page (VB)

Public Shared Sub ShowToastr(ByVal page As Page, ByVal message As String, ByVal title As String, Optional ByVal type As String = "info", Optional ByVal clearToast As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal pos As String = "toast-top-left", Optional ByVal Sticky As Boolean = False)
    Dim toastrScript As String = [String].Format("Notify('{0}','{1}','{2}', '{3}', '{4}', '{5}');", message, title, type, clearToast, pos, Sticky)
    page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(page.[GetType](), "toastr_message", toastrScript, addScriptTags:=True)
End Sub

The Javascript function ShowToastr resides in the master page as a shared function.

  <link href="./Media/css/Grey/ListBox.Grey.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="./Media/css/WebTrack.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<link href=""
    rel="stylesheet" />

<script src=""

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function Notify(msg, title, type, clear, pos, sticky) {
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-bottom-right";
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-bottom-left";
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-top-right";
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-top-left";
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-bottom-full-width";
        //        toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-top-full-width";
        //        options = {
        //            tapToDismiss: true,
        //            toastClass: 'toast',
        //            containerId: 'toast-container',
        //            debug: false,
        //            fadeIn: 300,
        //            fadeOut: 1000,
        //            extendedTimeOut: 1000,
        //            iconClass: 'toast-info',
        //            positionClass: 'toast-top-right',
        //            timeOut: 5000, // Set timeOut to 0 to make it sticky
        //            titleClass: 'toast-title',
        //            messageClass: 'toast-message' }

        if (clear == true) {
        if (sticky == true) {
            toastr.tapToDismiss = true;
            toastr.timeOut = 10000;

        toastr.options.onclick = function() {
            //alert('You can perform some custom action after a toast goes away');
        toastr.options.positionClass = pos;
        if (type.toLowerCase() == 'info') {
            toastr.options.timeOut = 1000;
            toastr.tapToDismiss = true;
  , title);
        if (type.toLowerCase() == 'success') {
            toastr.options.timeOut = 1500;
            toastr.success(msg, title);
        if (type.toLowerCase() == 'warning') {
            toastr.options.timeOut = 3000;
            toastr.warning(msg, title);
        if (type.toLowerCase() == 'error') {
            toastr.options.timeOut = 10000;
            toastr.error(msg, title);

I hope this helps someone, as I tried for ages to get the toastr options integrated in one call. If you want to have more options available on the call to toastr, then add more parameters to the functions. All of the options that can be set are in the commented code (javascript).

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