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At present i have am using tortoisesvn. My repository is on a windows server(staging server). when the client connected to the server makes a changes it(repository) gets updated. I wanted to update the changes to my LIVE server(linux). I dont have a subversion setup on my LIVE server. I just wanted to copy files from the windows server Tortoisesvn Repository to a the LIVE server(linux). I tried copying the files manually but i couldn't find my files inside the repository folder. Is there a way to fetch the files and transfer?

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This is addressed in the Subversion FAQ

Alternatively, check out a working copy on your live server, log into it and run svn update as needed.

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This really isn't an ideal solution, but you could write a bash script to which repeatedly calls svn -update every 10 minutes or so. you'd then just add that to the default runlevel (depending on which distro you're using)

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