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Suppose I have two vectors of arbitrary length. Lets call one pattern and the other series. Now I want to add my repeated pattern to my series in an automatic way.

Typically one can assume that pattern is shorter than series, but it would be nice if the alternate way also worked. In this case just the first few values of pattern should be used.


pattern = 1:3;
series = 1:10;

Should give

 2     4     6     5     7     9     8    10    12    11

What have I found so far?

I have searched around but did not find an elegant way to achieve what I want.

  • The easiest solution I found uses padarray, however I do not have this available
  • My own solution,that I don't consider to be elegant, is using repmat to repeat the pattern a sufficient amount of times and then cutting of the end.
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You could use indexing instead of repmat:

result = series + pattern([mod(0:(numel(series) - 1), numel(pattern)) + 1]);
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Definately meets the criteria, I am curious to see whether anyone can provide alternatives. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Mar 21 '13 at 14:13

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