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I have some issue with a Facebook's fql request :).

When I request like this

SELECT uid, profile_url FROM user where contains('potatoe') OR uid in(select id from profile where contains ('potatoe')) ORDER BY mutual_friend_count desc LIMIT 0,2

I have always the same results, even if I change the offset...


  • If I change DESC to ASC the "offset" works...
  • If I change OR to AND and let the order by desc => the "offset" works too!

Something is wrong with my OR/desc/offset combo? Or I just have misunderstood something with "or" operators? :/

Thanks a lot.

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You should write your FQL query like that:

SELECT uid, profile_url FROM user

where uid in(select uid from user where contains ('potatoe') )

OR uid in( select id from profile where contains ('potatoe') )

ORDER BY mutual_friend_count desc


FQL couldn't interpret in boolean expression the result of "contains", so your OR operator failed here...

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Thanks! Works! But.. Why? Still the same question... if "or" failed why I have results, and just the offset fail? Ok maybe "Or" fail with "contains" so : - Why when I do this with "order by asc" it works? – Basque Mar 21 '13 at 14:41

I think the problem is your query is asking the same question two different ways:

  • Show me all my friends user profiles that contain 'potatoe' OR
  • Show me all profiles that belong to users who are my friends that contain 'potatoe'.

Simplify your query to this and see if it works as expected.

SELECT uid, profile_url FROM user WHERE contains('potatoe')
   ORDER BY mutual_friend_count DESC LIMIT 0,2
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Well it's not really the same results. When you try with my query you have "karim.potatoes.1" but with your query he's not in my results... That's why I use "OR" operator, in order to have more results ;) – Basque Mar 21 '13 at 14:35

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