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I need to always display the header and sidebar indexes, but let the content be scrollable freely x & y ... any solutions to this problem?

I have looked at DataTables jquery plugin (example: link), but I was wondering if there were any alternatives.

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You can put One thing Fixed

Header if horizontal scrolling

Demo : Horizontal scroll table

Sidebar If Vertical Scrolling

Demo : Fiddle with Vertical Scroll

or your [strange] case

Demo: Both things fixed // Not recommended

And what exactly you want is here

Demo : With Basic styles Link is Broken Now Please Use this Instead

Source Code : snipt.org

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Great demos -- but why don't you recommend the "Both things fixed" solution? Cross-browser support? Style? –  Andrew Sep 29 '13 at 16:16
yeah, it doesn't seem strange to me- it's a pretty standard presentation for large tabular data. –  dbw Mar 10 at 7:39
The Demo: "With Basic styles" link is broken. –  dbw Mar 10 at 15:38
@dbw Link updated –  Sahil Popli Mar 11 at 4:30
Thanks. The new link works for me. –  dbw Mar 12 at 20:52

see this solution: http://scrolltable.blogspot.com

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You should at least give a general overview of the solution, since link may become invalid at some point. –  x13n Aug 21 '13 at 8:00

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