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I am using storm 0.8.1 in local cluster mode. For the last few hours the storm cluster has stopped emitting after processing for few iterations. Basically i am storing the data streams that are being emitted from a spout via a cassandra bolt. Every time i run the topology, 25-27 new tuples are getting emitted, then all of sudden the emission process get ceased. Even i am unable to get any confirmatory information from log files also except for some WARNING messages

[main-EventThread] State change: SUSPENDED
[ConnectionStateManager-0] There are no ConnectionStateListeners registered.
[main-EventThread] backtype.storm.cluster: Received event :disconnected::none: with disconnected Zookeeper.
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I believe for a while there was an issue where you had to keep emitting "heartbeat" tuples to keep topologies from going to sleep. Might be an avenue to explore for a solution. – G Gordon Worley III Mar 21 '13 at 18:53

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