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I have a txt file that has the path to xml i want to read the path from the text file and print the number of tabs present in each xml to do this?

here is what i have done

txt file with path


code to count tabs in each file


for file in $FILEPATH; do
    tabs=$(tr -cd '\t' < $file  | wc -c);
    echo "$tabs tabs in file $file" >> /home/user/Desktop/output.txt
echo "Done!"
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Where /home/user/Desktop/files.txt contains the list of xml files:


while IFS= read file
    if [ -f "$file" ]; then
       tabs=$(tr -cd '\t' < "$file"  | wc -c);
       echo "$tabs tabs in file $file" >> "/home/user/Desktop/output.txt"
done < "/home/user/Desktop/files.txt"
echo "Done!"
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sudo_O has provided an excellent answer. However, there are chances that somehow, mostly due to text editor's preferences, your tabs were converted to 8 consecutive space. If you would prefer to count them as tabs too then replace the "tabs" definition as:

tabs=$(cat test.xml | sed -e 's/ \{8\}/\t/g' | tr -cd '\t' | wc -c)

Full code:


# original file names might contain spaces
# FILEPATH=/home/user/Desktop/softwares/firefox/*.xml
# a better option would be

while read file
    if [[ -f "$file" ]] 
        tabs=$(cat test.xml | sed -e 's/ \{8\}/\t/g' | tr -cd '\t' | wc -c)
        echo "$tabs tabs in file $file" >> /home/user/Desktop/output.txt
done < $FIREFOX_DIR/*.xml

echo "Done!"

but this is applicable only if you prefer to count 8 consecutive spaces as tabs.

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