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i am using SQL server express 2005 as an backend. I created a backup file programmatically.If i use same server , then it restore the data successfuly. however if we try to restore on different server, then it fails. and throw following message

"The Backup set Holds a backup of a database other than the existing 'DatabaseName' database. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally."

On both server, Sql server instance name and database name is same. Please suggest how can i resolve this error

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You need to RESTORE from files (which are contained in the backup set) rather than the backup set directly. The bottom example is to copy a database, but the idea is the same.:

   TO AdventureWorksBackups ;

   FROM AdventureWorksBackups ;

   FROM AdventureWorksBackups 
   WITH MOVE 'AdventureWorks_Data' TO 'C:\MySQLServer\testdb.mdf',
   MOVE 'AdventureWorks_Log' TO 'C:\MySQLServer\testdb.ldf';
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