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I created a submodule (a bitbucket repo) on my openshift repo.

My current .gitmodules configuration:

[submodule "php"]
    path = php
    url =

The problem is that after I push this code into my Openshift app i get the folling error:

remote: Host key verification failed.
remote: fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
remote: Clone of '' into submodule path 'php' failed

This is expected since i didn't mention anywhere on bitbucket the pub key from the Openshift server. I already tried to check my .ssh/ to find/edit the public key but I do not have any permissions to access that.

PS: As a workaround I am using HTTPS authentication with user and password on the submodule and is working fine.

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You won't have permissions on the user's home directory, but you can store all your keys and scripts under $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR (e.g., ~/app-root/data/) You can validate by accessing your gear/app via ssh (rhc ssh AppName) and poking around.

There are a couple of OpenShift forum threads that has some suggestions on how to run git/ssh commands from the gear/app:

Hope that helps. Please feel free to post to the OpenShift Forums as well.

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