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In one of my methods of my controller, called PageController, I have

return redirect(routes.PageController.page_view("main", "home"));

This goes to /main/home. How can I add a GET variable to this, so that it should for example go to something like /main/home?redirect=0?

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Please mark question if you got an answer or post your answer, to help other people in future – adis Mar 28 '13 at 8:00

I have done the same, if I understand your question:

public static Result GO_TO_OVERVIEW = redirect(routes.Bookmarks.index(0, "description", "asc", ""));

And my routes declaration for this looks like:

GET     /bookmarks  controllers.Bookmarks.index(p:Int ?= 0, s ?= "description", o ?= "asc", f ?= "")

And my index function:

public static Result index(int page, String sortBy, String order, String filter) {
    if (sortBy.isEmpty() || sortBy == null) {
        page = 0;
        sortBy = "description";
        order = "asc";
    User user = User.getLoggedInUser(session("user"));
    Page<models.Bookmark> orderList =, 20, sortBy, order, filter, user);
    return ok(views.html.bookmarks.list.render(orderList, sortBy, order, filter));

Does it work for you?

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Hi, yea I got it to work, I typed into my router GET /:namespace/:name controllers.Application.page_view(namespace: String, name: String, redirect:Boolean ?= true) which gives me the option to pass a boolean when I want, cheers – area5one Mar 23 '13 at 19:40

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