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filter option in grid column header not working with ext js,but works well with extjs-4.1.1

enter image description here

this is the code i am using

 extend : 'Qreda.view.BaseRemoteGrid',
 store : 'OptInOutConfigs',
 alias : 'widget.dndgrid',
 frame : true,

initComponent : function() {
this.columns = [{
    header : 'Keyword',
    dataIndex : 'keyword',
    renderer : function(value, metaData, record) {
        return value ? : null;
    filterable : true
    }, {
        header : 'trigger Keyword',
        dataIndex : 'triggerKeyword',
        filterable : true
    }, {
    header : 'Category',
    dataIndex : 'categoryId',
    filter : {
        type : 'list',
        store : Ext.getStore('CgCategories'),
        labelField : 'categoryName'

    this.on('beforerender', function(component, options) {
    }, this);


someone plase help me to solve this

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please tag your ext js questions with the generic extjs tag - in addition to version tags – Michael Mullany Apr 9 '13 at 23:01

Please use the js files for grid filters provided along with the ext js distribution. They can be found in the examples/ux/grid/filter & examples/ux/grid/menu & ux/grid folders.

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Require examples/ux/grid/filter and define it as a feature:

// ...
features: [{
    ftype: 'filters'
// ...
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The column grid filter plugin is working upto Ext JS 4.1 version.

It's not working for ExtJS 4.2.

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