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We are developing web application in HTML5 and Javascript.

We need to implement voice recording functionality. We have used Wami Api but it is not supporting on iPad as its using flash for recording.

Can you please give idea which is best option for recording voice in iPad in web application ?

Is there any API or library ?

Please suggest..


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You can use Phonegap and make it an app - that way you'll have access to some native APIs, like:

var media = new Media();


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The (draft) standard for this is described in the Media Capture and Streams specification, but it is new, experimental and iOS 6 does not support it.

If you want to record sound, then I think you will have to look at native applications rather than web applications.

You can continue to use HTML 5 / JavaScript for your application by using one of the various wrapper APIs that add interfaces to native features on mobile devices. For example, the Media API from Apache Cordova or Titanium's AudioRecorder.

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