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I'm trying to create a collection_action in ActiveAdmin which allows me to Import a CSV file and generate Subscribers from it. I want to be able to click an action_item link and be taken to a form in which I input the CSV file, and then do some work with it.

This is what I have so far:

ActiveAdmin.register Subscriber do

collection_action :import_csv, :method => :post do 
    render "import_csv"

action_item do 
    link_to "Import from CSV", import_csv_admin_subscribers_path

The view is also created, just blank at the moment. I've restarted the rails server, and rake routes outputs:

import_csv_admin_subscribers POST       /admin/subscribers/import_csv(.:format)       admin/subscribers#import_csv
batch_action_admin_subscribers POST       /admin/subscribers/batch_action(.:format)     admin/subscribers#batch_action
             admin_subscribers GET        /admin/subscribers(.:format)                  admin/subscribers#index
                               POST       /admin/subscribers(.:format)                  admin/subscribers#create
          new_admin_subscriber GET        /admin/subscribers/new(.:format)              admin/subscribers#new
         edit_admin_subscriber GET        /admin/subscribers/:id/edit(.:format)         admin/subscribers#edit
              admin_subscriber GET        /admin/subscribers/:id(.:format)              admin/subscribers#show
                               PUT        /admin/subscribers/:id(.:format)              admin/subscribers#update
                               DELETE     /admin/subscribers/:id(.:format)              admin/subscribers#destroy

However when I click the action item I get the error Couldn't find Subscriber with id=import_csv

If I change the method to :get it renders the view fine. I'm assuming the problem is my use of :post? Is it not possible to render a view if you're calling a controller action with that method?

edit Ok, yeah, it doesn't make sense to render a view with a post but then why does the ActiveAdmin doc suggest that you do the action this way for CSV imports? How are you supposed to # Do some CSV importing work here... without generation a form?

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You need to add the method: :post option to the link to invocation, since there's no get action for that url.

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