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I have a list of about 3000 points (lon,lat) and I need to create an application to find for any given position on map (lon, lat) all points from this list, which are reachable in 10 minutes by car. I can easily calculate this task for distance in metres, eg. all points inside a circle, but I need to do it using duration in minutes, not distance in metres. Which part of Google Maps API should I use?

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It looks like you'll need to use the Google Distance Matrix. However, because of the limits, you'll probably need to get crafty with filtering the list of possible locations before sending the request.

  • 100 elements per query.
  • 100 elements per 10 seconds.
  • 2,500 elements per 24 hour period.
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I would suggest something like this (a v2 example by Marcelo.

Start by drawing a circle (or not, but conceptually) with a radius that is greater that 10 minutes driving time (10 miles should work). Find all the points in your database in that circle (that are less than the radius/10 miles from the center point).

This should narrow down your points to a manageable number. Use the DistanceMatrix to further refine the number, eliminating those that are within the circle but greater than 10 minutes away.

proof of concept - uses the places search for locations, pares down the results to those in a 10 mile radius, then sends those results to the DirectionsMatrix, discarding any results with a duration of greater than 10 minutes.

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