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I'm trying to load a mvc(razor) page in an iframe element.with firefox everything is ok,but in IE it gives me an error like this "Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unspecified error." the page uses kendo ui grid,which loads a datasource from Northwind example database,with .Ajax option. If I click to continue on this error,the grid is empty with no data,the breakline is in the file jquery.min.js Also the page is loading fine in IE,if i do not call it in this iframe tag.so as simple mvc 3 application running in IE,everything is ok.

Is there some limitations in IE regarding jquery/ajax features via iframe or something is disabled in IE by default?what should i do,to work?


P.S:the html code that calls the action is

the action is looking like this public ActionResult Measurement2() {

        var listTallyMeasurements = _tallyMeasurementRepository.GetAll();
        IEnumerable<TallyMeasurementViewModel> tallyVM = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<IEnumerable<TallyMeasurement>, IEnumerable<TallyMeasurementViewModel>>(listTallyMeasurements);
        return View(tallyVM);

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Probably a cross domain issue.

See: Internet Explorer 7 blocks cross-domain iframe to parent communication

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but i am using IE9 –  king julian Apr 8 '13 at 12:52
Probably still the same issue... –  yenta Apr 9 '13 at 10:46

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