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I have the following project structure:

base project (service layer, model) web project webservice project

where both the web project and the web service project depend on the base project and use services provided by it.

I make heavy use of the Spring Framework which means the Services are Spring Beans with methods secured by the @Secured Annotation and Spring Security. I created an Voter extending the AbstractAclVoter that checks client permissions.

The web project uses Spring MVC and the web service project Spring WS with @Endpoint Annotations and the XwsSecurityInterceptor.

Here is my problem:

The permissions are checked if a call comes from a web project controller or in JUnit tests of the base project but requests from the web service project are not checked for the correct permission - my Voter is not called!

  • Has this something to do with the XwsSecurityInterceptor?
  • Do I need the DelegatingFilterProxy in the web service project too? (I have no ContextLoaderListener there because everything is configured by the MessageDispatcherServlet config)
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I think some code would help. – sfussenegger Oct 12 '09 at 14:52

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Your user authentication object with populated Granted Authority is available only in the web context not in your web services project. When you make a call to your web service application, you don't have the same security context over there. So your security tags won't work over there.

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but this would mean that I need to do Basic Authentication for my SOAP requests instead of using XwsSecurityInterceptor and the security headers in the SOAP request? – Thomas Einwaller Oct 20 '09 at 9:13
See also my question at… – Nicolas Mommaerts Apr 24 '12 at 11:49

Spring Security integrates as a servlet filter in the web application. So I would assume that the DelegatingFilterProxy will need to be added to web.xml for the web services project so that it can process the requests going to that application.

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