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Is it possible to automatically publish (static) files from Team Foundation Service to an Azure Cloud Storage Blob during build?

UPDATE: If it isn't possible to publish directly to a blob, perhaps there is a good workaround to publish indirectly? I also publish another project to an azure website, so one way is to publish the files to that website and then using WebActivator I can move the files to the blob at first activation. But I hope for a better solution to this.

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I think you would need to be able to customize the build process in order to do that, and that customization is something I don't believe you can do today with Team Foundation Service. If using Team Foundation Server, then yes.

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I think you are right that it isn't possible to do this directly. I'm also interested in an indirect way to achieve this, so I updated my question. – lightbricko Mar 21 '13 at 18:20

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