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I've been developing Coded UI Tests for a few months now, and have optimized them as much as my knowledge allows. I found some performance issues in regards to running time of the tests.

Currently I have 91 tests, each one of them is quite small and use multiple UI Maps. The time taken to run each tests varies from 1 to 5 minutes, some tests run over 20 minutes. I've watched few of them run, and have noticed that it takes a while for a test to find UI controllers (sometimes it doesn't).

I suppose there are two questions here:

1) Is there an optimal requirements (RAM, HD Space, CPU, etc) for a PC\Server to get best running time results?

2) Is there a way to optimize the Coded UI Tests to improve running time?

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That's why you use a build/test server :) – leppie Mar 27 '13 at 16:40

Answer to my question by Jack Zhai - MSFT can be found on MSDN Forum - Optimizing Coded UI Tests And PC\Server Spec Requirement

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