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I'm trying to find if a certain 32bit package is installed under Fedora 64bit. The problem is that the 64bit of said package is installed by default.

For example, if I do a rpm -qa | grep libXrandr after installing the 32 bit package I get two outputs:



I need to modify the grep so it'll return strings starting with libXrandr and ending with .i586 so that only libXrandr- will be returned as the output of the search.

I've tried using regular expressions to solve this but for some reason I can't seem to find the valid pattern.

Some of the options I used are rpm -qa | grep libXrandr[0-9A-Za-z]\.i586 and rpm -qa | grep libXrandr[0-9A-Za-z]*\.i586

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Found it after a bit of thinking,

rpm -qa | grep ^libXrandr.*\.i586$

This searches for strings beginning with libXrandr and ending with .i586 with however many characters in-between.

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