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I have developed a WCF Webservice, to be called by jQuery. The WCF Webservice and the AJAX Client which enables the WCF Webservice are running on different Webservers.

Here are the Definition of the Webservice.

 interface IPersonService
   Person InsertPerson(Person person);

[AspNetCompatibilityRequirements(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)]
public class PersonService : IPersonService

  [WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "/POST/PersonPost", Method = "POST", BodyStyle =           WebMessageBodyStyle.Wrapped, ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
  public Person InsertPerson(Person person)
      Debug.WriteLine("POST:[PersonId = {0} PersonName = {1}]", person.Id, person.Name);
             return new Person(person.Id, person.Name);

public class Person
    private string id;
    private string name;

    public Person(string id, string name)
        this.id = id;
        this.name = name;

    public string Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }

    public override string ToString()
        var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(this);
        return json.ToString();

Here is the client:

  type: "POST",
  data: { "id": "Mehrere ;;; trennen", "name": "GetPerson" },
  contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
  dataType: "jsonp",
  processData: false,
  crossDomain: true,
  url: "http://localhost:59291/Person/POST/PersonPost",
  success: function (data) {
    alert("Post erfolgreich: ");
  error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) {
    alert("Fehler Post: Status " + xhr.status + " AntwortText " + xhr.responseText);

I get HTTP Code 200. That is not bad? But can somebody tell me, how I can have access to the data which the jQuery Client send to the WCF Service???


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Have you tried IE and Firefox? Does one give you an error and the other not? (I'm asking for a specific reason, not just fishing). –  granadaCoder Mar 21 '13 at 13:25
IE say http Code 200, Chrome say nothing –  Higune Mar 21 '13 at 13:28
Did you figure it out? It's always good to let people know a resolution, for future readers out there. –  granadaCoder Apr 9 '13 at 17:25

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if you are using jsonp datatype you must handel the json callback while returning the data...

jsonCallback(Your json response goes here);


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Hi, thank you for your response: But I want read the data on the server, do you understand what I want. Or I am on the wrong sid of the street. –  Higune Mar 21 '13 at 13:13
  1. The data for you JSON looks a little weird to me. I'm not a JSON expert. But if I were to write it, I'd have something like:

    var body = '{"person":{';
    body = body + '"id":"' + '"abc123"' + '",'
    body = body + '"name":"' + '"john"' + '"'
    body = body + '}}'; 

and then set the "data:" value equal to the "body" variable

            dataType: "json",
            data: body,

Note, this way I can add a debug line


in the code (after I create it) to see the data (before I send it via the request).



Check my old conversation here:

CORS Support within WCF REST Services


Because I hit some issues, and when you had


that triggered that memory.

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Thank you, hm I have change my jQuery code. But this will not help me. Your second tip, well I don't know. I want just have the data from the jQuery client on my server. –  Higune Mar 21 '13 at 13:50
Ok...my advice was to get the data TO the server first. Is that working? Or are you having trouble reading the data being sent back? –  granadaCoder Mar 21 '13 at 13:52
I can't read the data, the server is working here I want have the data public Person InsertPerson(Person person) { Debug.WriteLine("POST:[PersonId = {0} PersonName = {1}]", person.Id, person.Name); return new Person(person.Id, person.Name); } –  Higune Mar 21 '13 at 13:54
Is the code on the server side working correctly? Or not? "I can't read the data" is ambiguous. You have to be very clear on whether or not it is server side or client side you're having issues. Can you set a breakpoint on the server side, and do you ever get inside your code on the server side? –  granadaCoder Mar 21 '13 at 13:55
Yes this is working, I came into the method, but the parameter person is null –  Higune Mar 21 '13 at 13:56

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