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I want to send mails through my php application using swiftmailer. But I am confused. I do not want to let my mails go into the SPAM folders. So, Some one has told me to Configure the STMP correctly. I have searched a lot but could not find the solution. I want to know that is there any connection of STMP configuration with Mail sent to SPAM BOX. Should I use my Own Web Server STMP Setting while sending the mails with swiftmailer. Or should I use some other technique to prevent mails from going to SPAM Box. Actually, I am not going to send so many mails. I just need to send a confirmation mail, when a user get registered.

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There's nothing you can do to guarantee anything but there are a few things you can do to help:

  • Make sure your DNS and reverse DNS are accurate.
  • Sign your messages with DKIM.
  • Configure SPF for your domain.
  • Install SpamAssassin locally, and run a sample of your message through it, to see if (and how) it flags things. Adjust your message content to eliminate those flags.
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You will need to create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for your domain where the emails are addressed from. This is to prevent spammers from forging emails that appear to come from your domain, since email recipients will look at this record to determine whether it originated from an authorized mail server. Unauthorized emails are usually treated as spam.

You can use Microsoft's Sender ID Framework SPF Record Wizard to create one (if someone knows of a better tool please say). Once your domain has been configured with the SPF record you can send a test email from your mail server(s) to check-auth@verifier.port25.com to test your configuration. Please be aware of common mistakes that are made when creating these records.

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Thanks for informing me about SPF. I think it will be suitable for me. –  Sitara Shaheen Mar 22 '13 at 12:19

There is no such configuration option, as the decision of whether or not an e-mail is spam is not (believe it or not) made by the sender.

If an e-mail is classified as spam although it is not, then it is an error on the receiver side.

Many factors are used to determine if an e-mail is spam; language style, inclusion of certain words, link count, images contained and so on. Some e-mail providers will use feedback from their users to improve their spam filter, i.e. if enough users classify an e-mail as spam, then it will automatically be sent to the spam/junk folder, and if enough users say that an e-mail is wrongly classified as spam, it will not be automatically classified as such any longer.

If you are having problems with your e-mails being classified as spam, it could be a good idea to put a note about it on your site to make the users aware.

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