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I am on latest version of Meteor (0.5.9), when I try to insert a document like such:

     _id : 'gBTqByxvoz9PdFxmy',
     name : 'Albert Einstein',
     infoDocument: {
        '$ref': 'documents',
        '$id': 'zigeoa8RgAukxwYoi',
        '$db': 'meteor'
     owner : 'public',
     slug : 'gBTqByxvoz9PdFxmy',
     type : 'contact' 

I get an error in the server console "[Error: key $ref must not start with '$']". Are DBRefs supported in Meteor yet?

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Maybe this post can be useful stackoverflow.com/questions/11244286/… –  Oscar Mar 21 '13 at 18:53
Yeah thanks, I've looked at that post and it's direction I'll probably take if DBRefs still aren't supported –  ilmatic Mar 21 '13 at 20:19
I assume you've already switched to 0.8.2, right? :) –  apendua Jul 9 at 8:33
You might want to check out similar question in Stackoverflow relating to meteor and DBREFs stackoverflow.com/questions/11244286/meteor-and-dbrefs –  Viraj Oct 8 at 15:31

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