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I'm kinda confused with the storyboards. I've got my storyboard like this:

screen shot of storyboard

Now I want to change the link between "Tab Bar Controller" and "Main Scroll View". Instead I want to put the white "View Controller" and on the "View Controller" I want to place a button and when you click on the button it gets to the "Main Scroll View". How can I do this in the storyboard?

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Delete the segue. Drag a navigationController into storyboard, and make that the view that replaces your current mainScrollView in your tabBarViewController. When you drag a nvigationController in, it will pull a viewController with it as a rootView. Delete that. Control-click and drag from the new navigation controller to your white viewController, and select "root view". Place the button in your white viewController. Control-click and drag from the button to the mainScrollViewController, and select "push".

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