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I use this configuration to follow with the HTML5boilerplate.

    doctype = html_5

        <!doctype html>
        <!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <html lang="de" class="no-js ie6"> <![endif]-->
        <!--[if IE 7 ]>    <html lang="de" class="no-js ie7"> <![endif]-->
        <!--[if IE 8 ]>    <html lang="de" class="no-js ie8"> <![endif]-->
        <!--[if IE 9 ]>    <html lang="de" class="no-js ie9"> <![endif]-->
        <!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!-->
    htmlTag_setParams = lang="de" class="no-js no-ie"><!--<![endif]--

The problem is that when I have a site with several alternative languages, the langattribute doesnt update.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

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Just for the record: the paul irish html tag can also be set in the "pageRendererTemplateFile", copying it from typo3/sysext/cms/tslib/templates/tslib_page_frontend.html and setting it via config.pageRendererTemplateFile. I first thought it would solve your problem, but I'm not sure how to access Markers in this template (there are many, but probably you can't add your own) –  Urs Mar 22 '13 at 20:42

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Use common TS conditions to set proper config.htmlTag_setParams which you are probably using for switching the language...

[globalVar = GP:L = 1]
  config.sys_language_uid = 1
  config.language = en
  config.htmlTag_setParams = lang="en" class="no-js no-ie"><!--<![endif]--
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Yeah, I thought of that, but seems like a lot of repeated code, since the number of languages could grow a lot. Is there no some sort of solution like {page:language} and insertData? I know those dont work, sadly... –  Dbugger Mar 21 '13 at 14:20

Maybe quite a bit ago, but I'll answer for the googlers. In addition to @biesior 's suggestion with the conditions, you could use a constant for the language to avoid unwanted duplicate code.


config {
    doctype (
    <!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <html lang="{config.language}" class="no-js ie6"> <![endif]-->


[globalVar = GP:L = 1]
    config {
        language = en
[globalVar = GP:L = 2]
    config {
        language = de
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config {

  htmlTag_stdWrap {
    setContentToCurrent = 1
    cObject = COA
    cObject {
        appendMeTemp = TEXT
        appendMeTemp.append = TEXT
        appendMeTemp.append.char = 10
        appendMeTemp.current = 1

        // IE7
        20 < .appendMeTemp
        20.addParams.class = ie ie7
        20.wrap = <!--[if IE 7 ]>|<![endif]-->

        // IE8
        30 < .appendMeTemp
        30.addParams.class = ie ie8
        30.wrap = <!--[if IE 8 ]>|<![endif]-->

        // IE9
        40 < .appendMeTemp
        40.addParams.class = ie ie9
        40.wrap = <!--[if IE 9 ]>|<![endif]-->

        60 < .appendMeTemp
        60.wrap = <!--[if (gte IE 9)|!(IE)]> # <![endif]-->
        60.wrap.splitChar = #

Then standard:

config {
    htmlTag_langKey = de
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