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I'm making a web app where many users will be viewing a Google map, with updates on the map pulled in through ajax requests to the server. I want the response that is sent to the users to be cached, because it involves scraping data from an outside server, and it only needs to update every 2-3 minutes.

So, as soon as one person requests the data, I want all subsequent requests from all other users to be pulled in from the cache for the next 2-3 minutes. I followed this tutorial, which details how to set up Rack::Cache and the Dalli gem in Sinatra with Heroku, and when I ran a test on a page set up with the following,

cache_control :public, max_age: 3000

I can see the cache headers come through correctly (using Google Chrome Developer Tools), but if I hit refresh, or if I request the page from another computer, the content was clearly regenerated (I put a Time.now output). However, if I go to another page, then retype the URL, the content is not regenerated. I think the browser is caching the result, but not the memcache server? Do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how caching works?

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