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How can I ensure that a TFS 2010/2012 clone doesn't interact systems from my production environment? I want to run the clone in parallel for doing an upgrade test and some further tests. The clone should not interact with production systems. Is there a way to do that, without knowing all involved systems excatly?

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Change Alert Handlers, Team Build Definitions (drop locations, symbol servers, deployment). Any more? – Sven-Michael Stübe Mar 21 '13 at 15:22

You will need to run the ChangeServerId command to ensure that the GUIDs for the configuration database and collection databases are changed. Here is a link to the MSDN article on the command:

NOTE: You must ensure that the app tier is not configured for the databases before running this command. If an app tier is configured, you will need to run the RemapDBs command located here: and restart the TfsJobAgent service on the app tier.

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