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I have a mobile html5 app which uses Trigger.io. At some point, I need to open an external web page, and I'm using forge.tab.open to achieve it. It works fine. However, after the user interacts with the window, I need the tab to close and I'm not getting there.

On my regular web page I'm forwarding to a simple HTML page that contains <body onload="self.close();"> and that works fine.

On the trigger.io app, I tried using <body onload="forge.tabs.closeCurrent();"> and that does not work.

Any ideas?

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The easiest way for you to achieve this is to specify a match pattern when opening the tab, redirecting the user to a url matching that pattern will then cause the tab to close.

See the docs for more details http://docs.trigger.io/en/v1.4/features/modal.html#match-pattern

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Forwarding to forge:///close did the trick for me. Thanks for the quick response. –  zvikico Mar 21 '13 at 17:02

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