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I've been going through coffeescript documentation and stackoverflow to find answer for my question to no avail.

I have a javascript file containing just one literal object compiled from coffeescript.

products =
        name: 'foo'
        id: 1
        description: 'lorem ipsum dolor sit'
        youtube: 'path
        name: 'bar'
        id: 2
        description: 'lorem ipsum dolor sit'
        youtube: 'path

but what I'm getting back is:

(function() {
    return products = {
      1: {
        name: 'foo lama',
        id: 1,

I'm loading that file as a resource through ajax and I'm not able to use it as a proper JSON.

Is there a way to prevent coffeescript from wrapping the code into immediately invoked function or (and that'd be the best solution) is there a way to compile only JSON object without naming it?


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Compile with option -b or --bare

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