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i'm plotting several data points with y error and I don't want errorbars included in the legend.

 p1=ax.errorbar(x,y, yerr=[ydown,yup], color='blue', fmt='s', ecolor='blue')
 p2=ax.errorbar(x1,y1, yerr=[y1down,y1up], color='black', fmt='.', ecolor='black')
 ax.legend([p1,p2],['data1','data2'], loc='upper left', numpoints=1)

My question is similar to a previous one: Matplotlib: Don't show errorbars in legend but I haven't found solution. Thanks.

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You can modify the legend handler. See the legend guide of matplotlib. Adapting your example, this could read:

# get handles
handles, labels = ax.get_legend_handles_labels()
# remove the errorbars
handles = [h[0] for h in handles]
# use them in the legend
ax.legend(handles, labels, loc='upper left', numpoints=1)
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