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I am developing an application that does exactly 2 things.

1) Opens a UIWebView

2) Uses push notification

I am opening a UIWebView where i load an external URL , and there the user can subscribe to various kinds of events. After he subscribes he can get push notifications about them.

I am asking because some people told me that their apps got rejected when they were just loading an external URL , because apple said it could better be a web page and not an iOS app.

But in my case where i use push notifications? Does it count differently?

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The reason why WebView only apps are beeng rejected is because they dont use any of the features that the framework is offering. I got in an application that had only one view for log in, and after log in, the response was URL from server that I was showing in WebView. You will never know unless you try, but I think it will get in.

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Thanks for sharing your experience Spire :) –  donparalias Mar 21 '13 at 15:52

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