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I am new to Powershell. I am trying to do multiple replaces on text in a file, but I am getting duplicate lines. My test file has the following lines:

This is a test.
There is a test.

I run the following script:

(Get-Content "C:\temp\test.txt") | 
    foreach-object {

            if ($_ -match "This"){
                $_ -replace "This" , "That"

            if ($_ -match "test"){
                $_ -replace "test" , "toast"

    } | Set-Content "C:\temp\test.txt"

My output should be:

That is a toast.
There is a toast.

But it is outputting separate lines for the replacements on the first line in the input:

That is a test.
This is a toast.
There is a toast.

As you can see, between the two lines, the second line only meets one of the "match" criteria and is properly replaced. However, the first line is output twice -- one for each replace. I need the script to only output this line once if the line matches both conditions.

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Easy why you are getting 3 lines of output. First object is 'This is a test' and that matches the first if, so it will replace 'This' with 'That' and outputs That is a test. Then, the first object also matches the second if because there is a 'test', so it also outputs 'This is a toast'. Finally the second object only matches the second if so it outputs 'There is a toast'. Hence the 3 lines of output.

When you type $_ -replace 'x','y' it returns another object, it doesn't change $_. If you are writing a script go ahead on put it on multiple lines and make it do what you want.

$file = Get-Content $path
foreach($line in $file){
    if($line -match 'This'){
        $line = $line -replace 'This','That'
    if($line -match 'test'){
        $line = $line -replace 'test','toast'
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Although @mjolinor does provide the answer to solve my example question, this one solves my underlying problem and my misunderstanding of the use of $_ –  Jason Mar 22 '13 at 12:40

I'd do it this way:

(Get-Content "C:\temp\test.txt") -replace 'This','That' -replace 'test','toast' | Set-Content "C:\temp\test.txt"
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I need to do a replace only when the match conditions are met. Occassionally a single line will meet both conditions and output the two lines, when I only need one line with both replacements. I will update my question to be more specific. –  Jason Mar 21 '13 at 16:07
Are you saying you only want to do the replacement if the input line matches both 'This' and 'test'? –  mjolinor Mar 21 '13 at 16:13
I have updated my question again to address this. If a line matches two conditions, I need both replaces to output one line rather than outputting two separate lines. –  Jason Mar 21 '13 at 16:28
Did you test the solution I posted? I believe that should meet those requirements. –  mjolinor Mar 21 '13 at 16:52

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