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I'm new to Perforce and, to be honest, I'm hating it. I had about 20 files in my c:\workspaces\perforce directory and I selected all of them and hit the delete key. They were all checked in before I deleted them. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get them back (Perforce is sooooo unintuitive) but there's nothing that stands out to a n00b like me to.
How can I get the latest revisions back into the directory from Perforce?

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You need to do a force sync.

On the command line:

$> p4 sync -f

In the P4V GUI:

  1. Right-click on the directory to update
  2. Select 'Get Revision'
  3. In the dialog, check 'Force operation'
  4. Click 'Get Revision'
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An alternative:

p4 reconcile p4 revert //...

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The GUI version of this was the best solution for me. I right-clicked the parent version and reconciled the deletes to a scratch changelist, then reverted that changelist. –  Chris Dolan Mar 6 at 20:32

The perforce server keeps track of which files you pulled in last time. This is done so that, the next sync only brings in the files which have changes since the last sync, instead of all the files once again.

To override this behavior, you need to use the -f option.

The -f flag forces resynchronization even if the client already has the file, and overwriting any writable files. This flag doesn't affect open files.

If you're using the command line client, you can run this command from the directory where you want to sync up:

p4 sync -f ...

You might also want to check the list of opened files, since sync -f will not be bringing in changes corresponding to those files (even if you have deleted them).

This command should list all the opened files:

p4 opened ...

If you have any files listed in the above list, which you had deleted as well, you should revert them before running sync -f.

p4 revert <FILE1> <FILE2>
p4 sync -f ...

If you're using p4v, you could follow the steps mentioned by dwinkle:

1. Right click the folder in your workspace
2. Choose `Get Revision` in the context menu.
3. Choose `Get Latest revision`
4. Check `Force Operation (replace file even if you already have the revision specified)
5. Click on `Get Revision` button to fetch the files.

To look at the list of opened files using p4v, you would have to look at your list of pending changelists. You should be looking in the default changelist, if you have not put the files in any speficic changelist. Right click on files that you see there that you had deleted earlier, and choose Revert.

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if you have files checked out, and then deleted. You need to revert(p4 revert -a //...) the folder before you get latest forced (p4 sync -f).

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