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I'm sending backups offiste via webdav, they are on a monthly rotation so I just want my uploads to overwrite last months files on the webdav server:

cadaver https://files.server.com/webdav/ <<EOF
cd /backups/$APPNAME
delete $DBNAME$TODAYSDATE-db.aes
delete $APPNAME$LOGDATE-log.aes

I get errors for the delete:

Deleting `repair21-log.aes': failed:
417 Expectation Failed

And for the put (it won't overwrite):

Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 232912208 bytes failed:
417 Expectation Failed
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FFS I had the user permissions set on the folder so that I couldn't overwrite or delete!

I gave full permissions to the user I'm logging in as on the folder, and now I can delete!

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