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I am looking to sign a war file for distribution via Java Web Start.

As I understand it, the jar signer tool ignores the contents of the META-INF directory so that the signing process does not change the digest value of the jar file.

Will this same process work for a war file? I've never used a META-INF directory in the root of a war file, and I'm not sure it is legal to do so.

Even if it is, will this be accepted by the Webstart security manager as a properly signed file?

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jarsigner doesn't ignore the whole META-INF directory. Following files are not included in the signature,


It doesn't know anything about WAR. If you sign the WAR, it will be treated as JAR so all the rules will apply.

It's perfectly legal to have a META-INF in the root of WAR. That's where context.xml resides.

I don't even know Web Start supports WAR. It sounds like you are trying to deploy web servers using Web Start. That's an interesting idea.

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