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I have a widget with validation params such as "min" and "max". I want "min" to be set dynamically, because it depends on value contained in another widget.

<input id="test" type="text"
    name= "elevation"
    invalidMessage:'Invalid elevation.'" />

How can I do something like min: testWidget.getValue()


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All you need to do is use the _WidgetBase#set method. Here is the description from Dojo's API documentation:

Set a property on a widget Sets named properties on a widget which may potentially be handled by a setter in the widget.

For example, if the widget has properties "foo" and "bar" and a method named _setFooAttr(), calling myWidget.set("foo", "Howdy!") would be equivalent to calling widget._setFooAttr("Howdy!") and myWidget.set("bar", 3) would be equivalent to the statement widget.bar = 3;

set() may also be called with a hash of name/value pairs, ex:

So with your widget reference you can simply do:

var elevationInput = dijit.byId("test");
var constraints = {
  min: testWidget.getValue(); // or testWidget.get("value")
  max: elevationInput.constraints.max
elevationInput.set("constraints", constraints);
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