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I have a child window which sometimes is needed to show.In my winform project somehow this windows can be focused to user. i tried mywindow.focus() but it didn't work. So i want to use win32 api for showing this window. i heard something like these:

 public static extern void SwitchToThisWindow(IntPtr hWnd, bool fAltTab);

     public static void ShowAndSwitchWindow(IntPtr MainWindowHandle)
   ShowWindow(MainWindowHandle.ToInt32(), SW_MAXIMIZE);
   SwitchToThisWindow(MainWindowHandle, true);

But i cant understand how to use that in my project?????

my window is like that:(remember this is not main window.this window is called from another window called MainWindow)

               show_meaning s = new show_meaning(x);

I am not used to in win32 api. Can anyone help me ????

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s.Show() should make the window visible, and give it focus if it is modal with respect to the currently-active window. Forcing it to have focus is a bad thing, IMO, as your user might be in a completely different application and may not appreciate having his keystrokes suddenly and without warning directed into your application. (This is called "focus stealing." From a user experience standpoint, it is a very bad idea.) –  cdhowie Mar 21 '13 at 16:15

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You should call SetForegroundWindow and ShowWindow() instead of ShowWindow() only.

public static extern int SetForegroundWindow(IntPtr hwnd);
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