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I'm a complete newbie in this & I made a simple code that fetches data from RabbitMQ and sends it to client connected via websockets.

Problem here is:

  • if I start a app and a client connects (in browser) it sends data and everything goes fine. But, if I close the browser window and open again, it stops working.
  • Same is the case when two clients connect to it via browser. I want this code to serve multiple clients at a time.

$channel = do
    class App < Sinatra::Base

        get '/' do
            haml :index


    EventMachine::WebSocket.start(:host => '', :port => 8080) do |ws|
        ws.onopen {
            AMQP.start(:host => "localhost") do |connection|
                $channel =
                exchange = $channel.fanout("slant", :auto_delete => false, :durable => true)
                queue        = $channel.queue("my-events", :auto_delete => true, :durable => false)

                queue.bind(exchange, :routing_key => "").subscribe(:ack => true) do |headers, payload|
                    ws.send payload.to_s
                    puts payload
                    $channel.acknowledge(headers.delivery_tag, false)
        ws.onclose { puts "Client disconnected" }
    end!({:port => 3000})

The clients have JS like:

  ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8080");

  ws.onmessage = function(evt) {
    var msg = json_parse(;

    row = '<tr><td>' + msg.severity + '</td>' + '<td>' + msg.service + '</td>' + '<td>' + msg.description+ '</td>' + '<td>' + msg.server + '</td>'+ '<td>' + msg.source + '</td>' + '<td>' + + '</td>'  + '<td>' + msg.host_address + '</td>' + '<td>' + msg.additional_info + '</td>' + '<td>' + msg.event_type + '</td>' + '</tr>'
    if ($('#alerts tbody tr:first').length > 0){
      $('#alerts tbody tr:first').before(row);
    } else {
      $('#alerts tbody')append(row);

  ws.onclose = function() {
    ws.send("Leaves the chat");

  ws.onopen = function() {
    ws.send("Join the chat");


I'm not sure what is going wrong? Looks like there is something fundamentally wrong in my code.

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Try running EventMachine and the Sinatra app in separate threads

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