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How can I come up with original class names that avoid generic style words such as BlahManager ?

Also how to avoid long class names ? Here's an example from Java:

InternalFrameInternalFrameTitlePaneInternalFrameTitlePaneMaximizeButtonWindowNotFocusedState (from

With a given a context I reckon you could shorten such names. Say have a class used in a library or sub-library such that part of the purpose of a class is implicit.

I'm not looking to start a discussion here and would like insights into the logic or reasoning used when coming up with a name.

Edit: Here's a (funny) generator link:

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This other (closed) Stackoverflow question is so full of good insights that I can't think of anything to add, other than Sun should be looked at with "do as I say, not as I do" in mind (they generally show not even a vague desire to avoid excessive verbosity): What's the best approach to naming classes?

It includes so many good citations from great authors and programming philosophers

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Nice find :) . I came accross another Q about long class names but it was too specific. Will dig into it later. – James Poulson Mar 21 '13 at 17:18

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