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I want my subdomain to point directly to a folder. That is if an HTTP request is made to apple.example.com, I want the response to be the contents of example.com/apple/index.html, but not a 301 error. Is it possible?

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Yes, this is exactly the purpose of tools like ISAPI_REWRITE. My hosting company (orcsweb) uses exactly this technique.


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Yes, but you need to make sure that your server is able to support virtual domains. I don't know enough about this, but the mod_rewrite is possible without redirects.

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# Internally rewrite <subdomain>.example.com/<URLpath> to example.com/subs/<subdomain/<URLpath>
RewriteCond $1 !^subs/
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.example\.com
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^([^.]+)\.example\.com
RewriteRule (.*) /subs/%1/$1 [L]
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I have already found this solution on the net. But it does not work for me. The following error is displayed in the browser when I navigate to apple.example.com ---- Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server. –  Pavel Oct 12 '09 at 16:51
Do you know why I get this error? –  Pavel Oct 12 '09 at 16:55

You can serve content from any folder or you can send a redirect to the client, but AFAIK you cannot do both at the same time - you cannot serve content and somehow change the url in browser at the same time.

If it would be possible, it would most definitely lead to many security exploits.

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