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Im trying to figure out where exactly to hook into the FOSUserBundle Login-process to check wether a user has the "deleted" flag and if its true, terminate the login-attempt returning an error.

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Well, Authentication is handled by security component not by FOS User bundle. For more information first read this doc

Short Summary here

            pattern: ^/
                provider: fos_userbundle
                csrf_provider: form.csrf_provider
            logout:       true
            anonymous:    true

When a user makes a request to a URL that's protected by a firewall, the security system is activated. The job of the firewall is to determine whether or not the user needs to be authenticated, and if he does, to send a response back to the user initiating the authentication process.

SRC: http://symfony.com/doc/master/book/security.html#how-security-works-authentication-and-authorization

            id: fos_user.user_provider.username

Firewall needs a provider (which provider username & password). FOS user bundle has its own user provider.

Your problem
You can extend the user manager of fos user bundle and overwrite the logic to check more conditions.

You can see the sample here http://stackoverflow.com/a/14985093/598424

Now How to check delete flag

The AdvancedUserInterface interface adds four extra methods to validate the account status:

  • isAccountNonExpired() checks whether the user's account has expired,
  • isAccountNonLocked() checks whether the user is locked,
  • isCredentialsNonExpired() checks whether the user's credentials (password) has expired,
  • isEnabled() checks whether the user is enabled.

How to create our own custom provider?

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Thank you for this Hint! I extended the usermanager class and edited findUserBy-method that it checks for deleted and then empty the $criteria array it uses, let it go. It then returns to login-screen with standard error (User doesnt exist). Works. –  Phil Mar 22 '13 at 14:15
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